Purchase process
1, determine the demand
First of all, you need to tell us your needs, including but not limited to the following information:
The name of the organization you serve?
Your industry?
You use the use of the four rotor UAV?
Your use of the environment: plain or plateau, the city or the wild, by the sea or the mountains?
What is the airborne equipment you need?
How far is your mission to fly?
How long do you have to work with an unmanned aerial vehicle?
How much is your initial budget?
2, put forward the system configuration scheme
In recognition of our four rotor UAV system to meet your needs, according to the results of the communication with you, we tailor a system for you to configure the program for your reference.
3, adjust and confirm the system plan
After detailed understanding of our proposed system configuration scheme, if you have any questions you can always tell us, after communication and consultation, both parties confirm the final system configuration.
4, signed a procurement contract
According to the final confirmation of the system configuration, price and delivery time to sign a contract.
5, payment of advances
You need to pay the advance payment according to the contract.
6, stock
As our products have entered the normal mass production, so the production of the work of the most of the time just to order the system configuration of the final commissioning, so as to ensure the delivery to your device is the best condition, ready to start the task, do not need to do any test adjustment. Generally speaking, the production time is not more than 2 weeks, unless you purchase a number of more or have some special configuration to temporary production or procurement.
7, delivery, training, acceptance
After the product is ready, we will provide you with the system in accordance with the terms of the agreement, as a result of the operation of the MD4 four rotor unmanned aerial vehicle system is highly automated, generally only need 2~3 days to complete the training, but also for the trainees do not have any technical background requirements. Usually training and delivery will be carried out simultaneously.
8, pay the balance
You can pay the rest of the goods according to the contract.
9, after sales service
Our after-sales service staff ready to provide you with comprehensive after-sales support, to ensure that you use the peace of mind.



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